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Microring system

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Thicking, extension of hair, baleyage, colourful highlights


Microring system

    We are specializes in hair extensions and colours baleyage. We carry a full line up of synthetic hair as well as Human hair extensions. We look forward to becoming your favorite hair and accessories.

  • Looking for a safe and very easy system ?
  • Turn your stylist on to the microring system!
  • Add a full head of flowing hair or highlights
  • Non-damaging to clients hair
  • Microrigs are very small and in different colours so it’s not visible
  • You can use human or synthetic hair
  • Can be used to install track hair or loose hair
  • The most versatile system on the market!
  • Rings can be reused up to three times
  • No acetone or others chemicals
  • Not heat sensitive

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